[Innisfree] Second skin mask moisture (20g)



– Hyaluronic acid, bean fermented extract, lotus extract, Japanese apricot extract.
– Hyaluronic acid permeates into skin deeply to take care of moisturizing feeling intensively.
– Fits to curvy face to deliver skin activation ingredient all over skin evenly.
– Decreases skin temperature instantly to offer resilience and vitality all day long.
– Second skin mask that contains Jeju green bean and ferments for 2 weeks.

How to use

– After cleansing adjust skin with toner.
– Remove one side of mesh net on mask.
– Apply the remove side to all over face except the eye and mouth areas tightly.
– Remove a mesh net on surface and leave for 10-20 mins.
– Remove a mask and pat lightly to absorb.

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