Spread the word and receive free Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetic samples giveaway Sum37 Whoo Sulwhasoo

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MyKBeauty Korean cosmetic sample giveaway

Share this on your timeline and receive free cosmetic samples – 3 samples per person.

Here is how to get in on the action: like or share any of the promotional product links on our facebook page with your friends. Don’t forget to like our facebook page while your there. Done? Then just message MyKBeauty the address you’d like the samples to be sent to. That’s it? Yes easy as pie.

Hurry, sample stock is limited.

Please note this promotion is only available for those who live in Australia. Are you overseas? Message us if you are interested.

* You must share as ‘public’ to let us check share status.
* Please make sure your address is correct. MyKBeauty will not be responsible for misdelivery due to incorrectly provided address.
* Only one promotional sample will be sent to each facebook ID and address.
* Sample cosmetics are randomly selected and will not be matched to your selection.

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