[Sulwhasoo] Herblinic Restorative Ampoules (7ml x 5)


Herblinic Restorative Complex1) restores damaged skin and restores skin balance
for healthy skin with strong resistance against external aggressions.

Highly concentrated ampoules that embrace the skin in a thick,
dense texture stays on the skin for a long time for lasting nourishment.

– 核心配方——明祎真* 成分调节受损皮肤的阴阳均衡,迅速并明显修复皮肤。
– 加强皮肤的应对能力,帮助肌肤拥有较强的环境应对能力,实现健康滋养的肌肤基础。
– 质感丰盈,提供丰富的营养,厚实紧密地包裹住肌肤,通过停留在肌肤上较长时间,提供受损肌肤所需的丰富营养。

明祎真*: 专利号——2006-0029258,由红参、黄芪、当归、川芎成分构成,修复、保养受损肌肤的明祎草本精华液配方。

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