Get Your Beauty! Get It Beauty!

I don’t know whether you’ve heard of Korean TV beauty show called ‘Get It Beauty’. getitbeauty_2
This program has been aired for years and the first episode came out in 2006.
If you are a person who is really interested in Korean beauty products and culture yet doesn’t know much about them, this show would be very informative for you to catch up what things are good and popular recently in Korea. I know that some of you can’t understand Korean.

But don’t worry guys!

Thanks to talented bilingual people to translate and so wonderful Internet, there are some episodes uploaded with eng subtitle on Youtube. You have no trouble in watching Korean beauty show.


Now, let’s dig a bit!
Why is this program famous and special?

First, everyone seems possible to take part in that show by applying online.
Get It Beauty team invites some of applicants called ‘Better Girls’ to their studio.
If you are invited, you can actually meet some Korean celebs and makeup artists sharing their beauty secrets and tips in person.
That makes people feel like beauty secrets aren’t as difficult as they used to think.

In addition, the program is literally informative when it comes to quality of products.
We all know an expensive one doesn’t always work for our skin. Sometimes a cheaper one is much better than luxurious one.
However, it is not easy to know which one is reasonable because of lack of information shared by users.
Otherwise, simply it is impossible to test all the products you want to buy.
Under this circumstance Get It Beauty would give you useful information through blind test.
Get It Beauty team covers cosmetic packages for a fair judgement. It is like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.
After covering packages Better girls vote for which products they think the best by categories (e.g., hair care, lipstick, eye shadow, moisturizer…etc) not by brand or price.
Girls at that moment are given nothing but texture, so that they fairly make a decision.
Brand or price isn’t important. Even the cheapest thing would be the best thing that works all the time.
Blind test actually allows people to choose high quality products by giving information.

Furthermore, you are able to visit its website and enjoy the show to the fullest.
The team uploads information regarding not only cosmetics but also costumes that program hosts wore or celeb’s news.
You don’t need to stay around TV, just go visit the official website and check out what was going on.
I give you a website address below! But it requires a basic knowledge of Korean(you may use google translate).
Whether stay tuned or not, you don’t miss things aired on TV!
Get your beauty routine through Korean beauty show ‘Get It Beauty’ & with ‘My K Beauty Australia’!


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